A toy manufacturer needed a brand, including a name, to support its business of making and giving away wooden toy blocks to children at no cost. The blocks are carved by craftsmen from donated scrapwood. The main challenge was developing an identity reflective of the diverse audiences—the child happy with their new toy, the craftsman proud of their donation, and the community that celebrating this new child development resource.
Careful research revealed the opportunity to revive the old-world term “gigglemug” as a nod to the unusual expressions used by children and craftsmen. The term is derived from a whimsical Old-Victorian slang, "Gigglemug," referring to the smiling face on a happy person. Simplifying the name to “giglmug” gave the term a new polished, and modern life.
Editing the character form of the “g” created a smiling, child-like appearance to use as the logo. More icons or “giglmugs” were created to further represent the brand by celebrating a child’s imagination and uniqueness.