Name | Ohio Valley Storage
Industry | Personal Service
Scope | Brand Development
Ohio Valley Storage needed a brand to align with the broader real estate objectives of its new management team. The business resided in a high-demand market for self-storage and units operated at near capacity. The challenge was building an identity that materialized the vision of Ohio Valley Storage, without disrupting the autonomous nature of the business... or hive.
Three box collage of the Main Logo, Digital Mark, and Illustration Style.  The Main Logo includes modern honeycomb style imagery and the text Ohio Valley Storage Underneath.  The Digital Mark includes a single cell of a honeycomb.  The Illustration style is represented by an illustrated Honeybee.  The style is loose.
Common tenant characteristics, like organization, busyness, and conservation mimick the behaviors of bees and their relationship to an active bee hive. Positioning Ohio Valley Storage as this “hive” that supports its tenants’ activity  opened an opportunity for brand building, story-telling, and differentiation in the industry.
The cellular structure of the honeycomb ultimately fueled the design inspiration. The geometric and organizational qualities of the cells satisfy customer expectations of strength and security.
Loose black and yellow illustrations of a moving box, honeybees, and a honeycomb.
Loose, playful illustrations celebrate the customer, their journey, and their story.
Modern honeycomb cell collage.  horizontal modern lines.  The words Busy, Safe, Function, and Hive intertwined in tall linear type.
Modern, linear type and graphics support themes of organization and purpose. 
Mobile and desktop mockups of the Ohio Valley Storage homepage.  Includes a map to find the locations, and illustrations of the honeybees swarming around their "storage hives."
The brand transitions smoothly into the digital world, letting the illustrations support a lively experience within a simple system interface.
Project Comments
"This was a valuable, worthwhile investment of time and money. I now have this foundational story and brand to present my business. I'm prepping now for expansion and will definitely go back to Will for future creative projects." 
- B. Tennant, Business Owner
Exterior Ohio Valley Storage sign.
Picture of the Ohio Valley Storage unit marker 47, and a decal with the illustrated honeybee on the side of a storage unit.
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